About AILO

The American International League of Florence ONLUS (AILO) is a charitable organization, based in Florence, Italy. It was founded in 1975 and its members come from all parts of the world.

AILO began as an informal American association and has since expanded into a highly organized club with a very international flavor. In 40 years we have donated to more than 350 charities.

AILO’s mission is to contribute to community well-being through programs of social assistance and fundraising for charity within the city and province of Florence. We endeavor to promote friendship and understanding between its members and the Italian community through cultural and social activities.

AILO is a volunteer organization administered by an Executive Board elected by the members. The ONLUS in our name stands for ‘organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale’ (non-profit organization for social usefulness).

Funds are mainly raised through the annual Christmas Bazaar held on the first weekend in December.

The official language is English, which is used for all meetings and publications.

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