Donation Day 2023!

Donation Day at Il Fuligno, Sala Blu, Firenze on April 17, 2023!

The day we officially give the funds to local charities raised from the income earned at our annual Christmas Bazaar. Always lovely to hear from these associations and learn more about their work. A joyous occasion!

AILO Bazaar is back in the Tepidarium!

Stop by and complete your Christmas shopping, all while helping the local community of Florence! View Details

AILO Spring Fair 2022!

AILO Fundraiser: Open To The Public

Idanna Pucci will be talking about her book ‘The Lady of Sing Sing’.

Wine, snacks and book signing will follow.

WHERE: Il Conventino, Via Giano della Bella 20, Firenze

WHEN: April 26, at 6:30pm

COST: €15 (100% of proceeds will go towards AILO charities)

In 1895 a 22 year old Italian immigrant is tried in New York City and convicted of murdering the man who promised eternal love, but then drugged and raped her. When Maria Barbella receives her sentence to die in the newly invented electric chair, Cora Slocomb di Brazza, an American heiress and social activist married to an Italian count and living in Italy, mobilizes Manhattan’s tabloid press and high society to save her. Courageously, she also launches the first national campaign against the death penalty. Yet, the powerful inventor Thomas Edison has aligned his forces against Cora and the immigrant girl. As the electric chair can be powered only with the AC current of his rival Westinghouse, the future of Edison’s DC direct current in America depends on Maria’s execution.

FAWCO Quartz Donor Recipient

AILO is proud to receive this Donor Award for its efforts raising money for the latest FAWCO Target Project, combating female genital mutilation.

From Tracy Moede, FAWCO VP-Communications:

“We are very grateful for your club’s contribution to the Health Target project. The AILO Florence’s efforts are worth recognition and you will find your club’s logo and donation amount on the Club Donor Wall on the FAWCO Foundation website.

You can see the club donor wall under this link:

With gratitude, Tracy”

The 2021 AILO Bazaar & Holiday Benefit Fairs

AILO Mini Christmas Bazaar

Magenta Florence: Just in time for holiday gift shopping, the American International League of Florence (AILO) is holding a Mini Christmas Bazaar to benefit local charities at the Sala ex Leopoldine, Piazza Tasso 7 from December 4 to 6. Continue reading…

A Firenze torna Christmas Bazaar: la fiera di beneficenza per le Onlus

La Nazione: Firenze, 1 Dicembre 2021 – Da sabato 4 a Lunedì 6 Dicembre presso la Sala ex Leopoldine in Piazza Tasso, Ailo torna in città con il tradizionale Christmas Bazaar. Quest’anno la Fiera di Beneficenza a favore di organizzazioni Onlus e Odv di Firenze sarà in versione “mini” ma con il medesimo entusiasmo per immergersi nella spirito natalizio. Continue reading…

FAWCO Magazine, Inspiring Women, September 2020, Judi Roselli-Cecconi

Our very own, Judi Roselli-Cecconi, is featured in the September 2020 issue of FAWCO’s Magazine, Inspiring Women Worldwide! Please be sure to find Judi on pages 14-19! We are so proud and thrilled that FAWCO members around the world are able to catch a glimpse of our most extraordinary and beautiful friend. We love you Judi!

Conad for Corri La Vita 2020

AILO at The Dragon Boat Festival 2018

AILO member Sally Carrocino, apart from working hard for the League she also has a BLOG! Check it out!

AILO’s Annual Christmas Bazaar!

December 8, 2023:  3 pm to 6 pm

December 9, 2023:  10 am to 6 pm

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